Temporary Walls for Home

The Room Partition, Helping you share an apartment or other living space by installing temporary wall that turns one room into two, a one bedroom apartment easily becomes a two bedroom apartment by partitioning a room with our non damaging temporary walls.

T Shape pressurized wall with 2 doors and 2 large frosted windows for each roomStraight pressurized wall with pocket french door

The Room Partition Maximize your space.

Temporary Walls … 

  1. Perfect Solution for living space or for expanding comercial or office space. 
  2. We custom fit them for your living space.
  3. Affordable with your budget.
  4. Privacy like a real wall brings.
  5. Designed to be easily removed with no damage to your existing walls, floor & ceiling.
  6. Available with a variety of options, ranging from Windows to doors to closets.
  7. Installation in several hours.
  8. We supply all labor and material necessary to erect your temporary wall.
  9. The Room Partition is fully insured.
  10. Free wall removal with our terms & conditions.

The Room Partition can affordably create an additional private space for a roommate share, nursery, home office or library without the expensive and time consuming hassle of applying for a change in the certificate of occupancy for co-op or condominium owners. It also makes sense for office buildings that plan to divide or share space, but would rather not incur the expense of a true remodel.


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