1. What is a temporary pressurized wall? 

A temporary pressurized wall is a wall that is not damaging the floor, ceiling and existing walls. Our temporary wall is not attached to the existing structure by nails, screws, glue or anything else.

 2. What is the difference between temporary wall and a real regular wall ?

A real regular wall is permanently attached to the ceiling, floor and existing walls with adhesives and screws, and creating an extremely messy and expensive repair cost for a removal. The owner would also have to hire an expeditor and architect to file the changes with the Department of Buildings which also significantly increases the price of the project. Our temporary wall does not have any screws or adhesives to hold it up hence no damage is done to the apartment. Another difference between regular walls and our temporary walls is that a our walls have small moldings on the seams between the wallboards every 4′ these moldings are very thin 1/8”, so it is not so noticeable. 

3. What do the Temporary walls look like?
They look amazing like the real walls with thin moldings every 4 ft.

4. How long does the installation take?
Approximately 5 / 6 hours total time in the apartment for a straight wall, and extra few more hours pending on the size and amounts of walls to be installed.

5. How thick are the temporary walls?
Standard pressurized wall and loft walls are 5 inches thick, as a regular wall. The wardrobe wall is starting from 8 inches thick to 16 inches.

6. What if the ceiling in my apartment/office are not concrete or if the ceiling is drop ceiling?
No problem we can install the wall for you without hesitation. Please note this when booking.

7. How much is a temporary wall?
The price are based on the size of the wall ceiling height length and shape, please fill out the Quote form to get the price for your wall/s.

8. Can you build the wall the same day I move in?
Yes but it’s not suggested to do this. We can try to install the wall before you take possession of the apartment or after your move has been completed.

9. How sturdy are the temporary wall, Can I hang things on the wall?
The temporary wall are very strong and stable. You have a limit of 35 lbs per side on a pressurized wall and on a wardrobe wall, and a limit of 20 lbs per side on a loft wall. We don’t suggest you do shelving or television mounts on our wall without consulting us first. There is an additional charge to build the wall so that it may safely hold up your belongings.

10. What color are the walls painted?
Walls are painted with standard white color. Custom colors or finishes such as low / zero VOC, eggshell paints are charged accordingly, or you may paint the wall yourself with any color and finish you like.

11. Can the wall be soundproof?
Yes, soundproof is an option for a pressurized wall and for a loft wall. We used R-13 sound reducing material in our pressurized walls. The R-13 soundproof is equivalent to what is used in modern construction practices, rendering the wall equivalent to what you have at home. If you need a greater sound barrier we have other options.



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